Things You Should Know About The Dreaded Zika Virus: It has Been Compared To Ebola

Things You Should Know About The Dreaded Zika Virus: It has Been Compared To Ebola

A medical report indicates the Zika virus isn’t fatal, but researchers working to find a vaccine, have likened the experience to that of the Ebola virus. The virus’ symptoms include rashes, fever, headaches, pain behind the eyes, and joint pain.

The World Health Organization announced the virus, which causes serious birth defects, has officially spread to over 20 countries in North and South America, as well as the Caribbean. The Pan American Health Organization recommended eliminating breeding sites for Aedes mosquitos in order to reduce instances of the disease. This means utilizing insect repellent and disposing of anything that can hold water, such as old tires and containers around the household. Other possibilities for transmission are currently under investigation, but blood donations and transfusions have been placed under precaution. Researchers recommend using screens and mosquito nets, and keeping windows and doors closed whenever possible.

Conspiracy Theory

With the rash of exotic diseases always originating in the Third World and primarily poor African countries, theories have arisen that they are the result of biological warfare testing gone viral. Military industries in the First world have all 'agreed' to never use chemical weapons, but intelligence leaks have already indicated that they all secretly develop biological poisons. Some claim that their effort is humane, in that they are creating antidotes, and in order to test the cure, they must inflict 'volunteers' with the deadly poison created by 'axis of evil'.

Unfortunately the 'volunteers' have always been unsuspecting poor Africans who are told (aka lies) by the WHO that it is a 'health vaccine'. Then eventually those 'volunteers' make it to the First world and AIDS spreads across the world. The Zika virus was first confirmed in Houston, Texas earlier in January 2016, but there have been reports of the case in America as far back as 2007. The Houston patient recently traveled to Latin America. Cases in California and New York have also been found in travelers. A baby born in Hawaii tested positive for Zika.

The result of greed by the 1% super wealthy. They can hide form the mess the make. This is the reason white people, Justine Sacco, joke about being immune to diseases from the Third World.



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| January, 26th, 2016
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