What's Hot and Trending

What's Hot and Trending

Watch the highlights of Elaine Thompson's 100m win at Rabat Diamond League in May 2016 Published June 2, 2016

Hoping to see this upcoming female speedster up against the pocket rocket known as Shelly-Ann Fraser. It could be an epic record break race.

Are you willing to work hard to achieve this body? Published May 31, 2016

Chul Soon gets down and dirty, wet and wild during triceps training today. The 5'9", 210 lbs., Korea movie and television star just announced he will be competing at MM Universe in 3 weeks.

dogs can play ball watch this dog is a trained soccer jugggler Published May 31, 2016

This jugglin' dog has hit the internet and gone viral. The owner is a soccer player in Brazil and has spent years training the dog to pass the ball. Some things are just really cool online.

Lemon City in Miami is now officially 'Little Haiti' Published May 30, 2016

After a contentious city meeting last Thursday in Miami, a unanimous vote now defines the blocks between 54th Street and 79th Street, and Northwest 6th Avenue and Northeast 2nd Avenue, as "Little Haiti". What that means as far as economic…

linda woods hoyte is now 79 and she is looking fine Published May 30, 2016

Oh that we could look this good at age 79. Linda Woods has been a fitness and body builder since high school in the 1960s and her discipline has aged her wonderfully. She has won numerous competitions through the years…

Steph Curry showed that he is well worth the second MVP award with a 4th qtr victory over OKC on Saturday Published May 29, 2016

NBA playoff Game 6 on Saturday threatened the Golden State Warriors as their end of season demise, but the super star in Stephen Curry came shining through in the 4th quarter. OKC lead the game from the start and even…

So you want that body to be tight and super fine, stop making excuses and train at home Published May 29, 2016

A fine body is not automatic, you must do physical exercise daily. Many people make excuses about gym accessibility or cost, but that is just weak. Kaiser Kearney shows how anyone can build a body right in the house. She…

Texas hate militia groups say the pack bullets with pig blood to shoot muslims so the go to 'hell' Published May 29, 2016

Hate groups in America have grown by 14% since 2014 and by 97% since President Barack Obama took office in 2008. Their current hate is toward Muslims because it is in fashion, but their overall goal is to eliminate all…

Do you agree with the high school that ejected Nyree Holmes from graduation ceremony for disobeying dress code? Published May 29, 2016

Last week during a graduation ceremony at Cosumnes Oaks High School, 18 year old merit scholar Nyree Holmes chose to break the school's dress code and wear a traditional Ethiopian scarf called Kente, and he was ejected from the stage.…

Celebrities show up to support F1 race driver Lewis Hamilton in Monaco, Spain Published May 29, 2016

Formula One (F1) is the epitome of all motor racing. It's the only event where royalty are spectators, and the super wealthy (except Donald Trump) will quit everything just to be present, and Monaco is the crown of all race…


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